Stay on the top of marketing game with email marketing services

Stay on the top of marketing game with email marketing

Hire Kultivatee to take care of your email marketing for you by managing your campaigns, and ensuring that your email content is top-notch. Our proven email marketing strategies help businesses to increase brand awareness, remind people of their products and services, and keep bringing shoppers back for more.

Custom Email Marketing Campaigns

Custom Email

Email marketing is one of the best web marketing strategies for any business. We ensure to build a strong campaign to get the most out of your email marketing strategy. Our email marketing campaigns ensure that subscribers get the right information at the right time and enjoy their digital experience.

At Kultivatee, we offer various email marketing services to help your business succeed by positioning you in your target audience’s inbox.


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Kultivatee is a results-focused digital marketing agency equipped with a wealth of knowledge.

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Our systematic approach helps drive business through exceptional digital experiences.


Our innovative digital marketing strategies are backed by data and careful analysis.


Our email marketing is the perfect way to keep the brand in contact with your current and potential customers. We personalise each email marketing campaign to help move the recipients through the buying process and provide information the subscriber will find beneficial.

With our cost-effective and beneficial email marketing strategy,  we allow our clients to connect with their target audience, remind them of events the company is hosting, share special offers, and much more.

6 reasons email marketing is great for
your business

6 reasons email marketing is great for your business

People check their email – a lot

Encourage subscribers to visit your store

Encourage subscribers to visit your website

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any other digital strategy

You get a high click-through rate with emails

Email marketing drives conversions

We provide analytics for your emails which is extremely important when you want to improve your email’s content, design, or strategy. Analytics allows us to give you information such as the open rate of an email if a user clicked a link in the email and other valuable information. All this information helps us to decide how to shift our email marketing strategy if it’s not working to the best of its ability.

Are you ready to start optimising your email marketing campaign?